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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."  Hippocrates

We are pleased to announce our Fruit Harvesters and Teas will be available at the new Save-On-Foods in Fort McMurray

Our Fruit Harvesters & Teas are now available at:
*CO-OP Vermilion*   *Harvest To Home - Lloydminster*
*Save-On-Foods - Sherwood Park on Baseline Road*
(first Tuesday of the month is 15% off Tuesday at Save-On-Foods)

Our Fruit Harvester page & our Recipes page

New Planting & Training Fruits page to match brochure at Greenland
Our presentations on Hardy Fruits and Grafting

Ark Gardens is a Certified Naturally Grown producer located in east-central Alberta, (our most rainbow over Ark Gardensrecent inspection report summary is available here).  We are also a 'veganic' producer.  Veganic is a combination of the words 'vegetable' and 'organic'.  'Vegetable' meaning that we never use any animal products, such as manures, feathers or blood/bone meals.  'Organic' meaning that we never use chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides.  All the soil in our raised beds and fruit gardens has been mixed by hand and is veganic.  We feel this is the safest, most nutritious way to grow food.  Ark Gardens is a small, family run operation that is completely off-grid and has been since its inception; all of our power comes from the sun and wind.

We grow, harvest, clean and process by hand to ensure quality from start to finish.  We pick by hand to ensure only the best quality fruit makes it into our products.  We strive to pick only the picking honeyberriesripe, unblemished fruit, then we wash the fruit by hand and once again inspect each individual fruit to ensure quality control.  We grow comfrey and use it to make a nutrient rich tea that feeds our plants and bio-activates our soil.  We make our own non-toxic, all natural insect, fungus and mildew controls, and if there is an infestation that threatens a crop, we try to bring it under control with these homemade products.  If that fails, we simply lose that crop, and the following spring we spray with our dormant oil and monitor the crop throughout the season. 
It is superior to us to lose naturally than to gain chemically or synthetically.  We grow a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs, mostly in raised beds.  We concentrate on the red to deep purple and blue fruits for their high black currantsphytonutrient concentration (especially interesting are anthocyanins and the recent studies done on them). Our soil is hand mixed using a combination of organic plant compost, peat moss and vermiculite.  We make our own mulch from trees and bushes that we prune, and we use it to combat weeds and reduce moisture loss.  We are serious about what we grow, how we grow it and the products we prepare. 

We believe in the nutraceutical value (medicinal/healthful components) of the plants we grow, and strive to provide products that maximize these components. 

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Contemplate how the trees are covered with green leaves and bear fruit. 
And understand, in respect of everything,
and perceive how He Who Lives Forever made all these things for you. 
Enoch 5.1

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